Sit, Stand, and Walk-Behind: A Case for Having All Three in Your Fleet

Jan 30, 2024

In the fast-paced world of commercial landscaping, the choice of equipment can significantly impact efficiency, productivity, and the overall success of your landscaping business. One important decision landscape professionals face is the type of equipment to invest in, whether sit-down, stand-on, or walk-behind. Each mower comes with its own set of advantages and use cases, and a carefully calculated combination of all three can prove to be a game-changer for your fleet.

The Sit-Down Advantage: Comfort and Efficacy

Sit-down, zero-turn mowers, like the Kubota Z700 Series, have long been a go-to in the landscaping industry for good reason. The rider comfort they offer during long hours of operation is unmatched. These machines are equipped with premium adjustable suspension seats to suit operator physique and preference, easy-to-use controls, and other features that enhance the commercial mowing experience.

Sit-down mowers, especially the larger models, cover more ground in less time. This leads to increased efficiency, allowing landscaping professionals to expand their portfolio to take on larger projects without sacrificing quality. Whether it's maintaining large lawns, golf courses, or city parks, the Kubota sit-down zero-turn mower is a powerful tool in effectively tackling big jobs and increasing your landscaping company’s profitability

The Stand-On Benefit: Flexibility and Compact Design

Stand-on mowers have gained traction with landscape professionals, due in part to their unique blend of mobility and compact design. These machines offer operators the freedom to step on and off quickly. Moreover, they are ideal for properties with elaborate landscapes and tight spaces  –  like narrow paths and gates – due to their size-considerate width, wheelbase and responsive steering function. These features allow for efficient navigation around obstacles, ensuring a more precise cut without sacrificing speed.

One of the most appreciated attributes of stand-on mowers is their increased visibility over traditional sit-down mowers, giving the operator a better view of their work, and ultimately leading to increased accuracy and decreased trimming and overall job time. The ergonomic features on a stand-up mower are unmatched, too. From a cushion pad, to adjustable items including the reference bar and dampened controls – these mowers truly are customizable to fit each operator, allowing them to seamlessly complete any job. 

The Walk-Behind Competencies: Precision and Ease of Access

While sit-down and stand-on mowers have their advantages, the walk-behind mower is tough enough for every kind of turf and well-suited for properties with varying terrain, slopes, or hard-to-reach areas. Walk-behind mowers give operators greater control and precision, allowing them to navigate tight turns, narrow spaces and other tricky landscapes with ease.

The versatility of walk-behind mowers extends beyond mowing. With the addition of optional accessories, walk-behind mowers offer landscape professionals the ability to mulch and bag. What’s more? New ergonomic bull horn control design – like that found in the Kubota W Series WHF15 – will help you get your jobs done faster and more comfortably, with integrated Hydro-Gear transmissions producing speeds up to 6.5 mph. 

Finding the Right Balance: Why All Three are a Winning Combination

While each type of mower has its individual strengths, combining them within your commercial landscaping fleet can ensure that your team is well-equipped to take on any challenge. A well-balanced fleet that includes sit-down, stand-on, and walk-behind mowers allows landscaping professionals to tackle diverse projects with peak efficiency, operational flexibility, a reduction in downtime and heightened operator satisfaction. 

Kubota makes it easy for business owners to incorporate all three mowers into your fleet. Designed with landscaping professionals in mind, the Kubota Fleet Program* allows you to grow and invest in your entire business. Commercial customers of all sizes are eligible for a fleet discount with the purchase of just one unit. If you ever have a unit go down, your local dealer has you covered with Kubota’s Ever-Go Loaner program. These are just a few examples of Kubota’s commitment to help your business succeed.

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